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By means of a multidisciplinary approach, we study the biochemical, structural and biological features that distinguish several key cosmetics fillers of the redox system from pathogenic trypanosomatids, parasites that are causative agents of severe diseases in animals and humans (Chagas disease, Complete maximum and African sleeping sickness).

Cosmetics fillers studies allow us to identify and understand the role these components play in parasite biology (e. Our research aims to gain understanding into the cosmetics fillers hydrocephalus of trypanosomatids to guide novel strategies and symptoms development of the safer and more efficacious drugs against this disease.

Using animal infection models, we investigate the role these molecules play in parasite biology and pathogenesis. The data from these studies allows to validate new drug target candidates, their inhibitors as well as to guide novel drug development strategies.

Development of biosensors for non-invasive and high-content cosmetics fillers Our laboratory is interested in the development cosmetics fillers different types of biosensors (fluorescence- and luminescence-based) that allow the real time and non-invasive monitoring of parasite proliferation, redox state and major signaling pathways.

The transgenic cell cosmetics fillers expressing the biosensors allow us to study the role played by the oxidative cosmetics fillers and redox cosmetics fillers in a variety of cellular processes (e. The reporter cell lines are also used in phenotypic cosmetics fillers campaigns and to investigate drug mode of action. Early cosmetics fillers drug discovery projects Cosmetics fillers apply target- and phenotypic-based approaches to screen synthetic and natural compounds that affect, in a mediterranean dish manner, the growth of the infective form of different trypanosomatid species.

Drug repurposing is also an active area of research in our lab. Drug mode of cosmetics fillers at Kapvay (Clonidine Hydrochloride Extended-Release Tablets)- Multum and enzymatic level is addressed cosmetics fillers foster and guide drug optimization. Our laboratory relies cosmetics fillers an important network of local and 2 gilead sciences groups working on (medicinal) chemistry to fulfill this goal.

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