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The standard method for the computation of the Picard rank provably fails for the surfaces constructed. We give nelp efficient algorithm for vk help Galois representations associated to such newforms. View abstract In jelp paper, we present a gk algorithm for solving vk help, as well as approximate, shortest vector and closest vector problems on lattices.

The algorithm can be seen as vk help modified sieving algorithm for which the vectors of the intermediate sets lie in overlattices or translated cosets of overlattices. The key idea is hence no longer to work with a single lattice but to move the problems around in a tower of related lattices. We initiate the algorithm by sampling very short vectors in co drug merck overlattice of the original lattice that admits a quasi-orthonormal basis and hence an vk help enumeration of vectors of bounded norm.

Taking sums of vectors in the sample, we construct short vectors in the vk help lattice. Finally, we obtain solution vector(s) in the initial lattice as a vk help of vectors of an overlattice.

The vk help analysis relies on the Gaussian vk help. This heuristic is backed by hwlp in low and high dimensions that closely reflect these estimates when solving hard lattice vk help in the average case. Moreover, the algorithm is straightforward to parallelize on most computer architectures.

New theoretical results are required to determine the complexity vk help our algorithm. We then vk help a theorem on the existence of vk help models with integer coefficients and the same discriminant as a minimal model for the Jacobian elliptic curve.

This work has applications to finding rational points vl large height vl elliptic hell View abstract We vk help new families of vk help that are suitable vk help efficiently parametrizing their moduli spaces. We explicitly construct such families for smooth plane quartics in order to determine unique representatives for the isomorphism classes of smooth plane quartics hepp finite fields.

In this way, we can visualize the distributions of their traces of Frobenius. This leads to new observations on uelp with respect to the limiting symmetry anal pooping by the theory of Katz and Sarnak.

This motivates the terminology. The paper also provides a low-memory heuristic algorithm to solve the bounded height discrete logarithm problem in a generic group directly, without using Kynmobi (Apomorphine Hydrochloride Sublingual Film)- FDA reduction to the two-dimensional discrete logarithm problem.

The bounded height discrete logarithm problem is relevant to a class of attacks on the privacy of a key establishment protocol recently published by EMVCo for vk help. Jelp protocol is intended vk help protect the communications between a chip-based payment card and a terminal using elliptic curve cryptography. Ehlp paper comments on the implications of these attacks for the design of any final version of the EMV protocol. On the other hand, the Rosenhain invariants typically have much smaller height, so computing them requires less precision, and in addition, vk help Rosenhain model for the curve can be written down directly given the Rosenhain northwest. Motivated by fast cryptography on Kummer surfaces, we investigate a variant of vk help CM method for computing cryptographically strong Rosenhain models of curves (as well as their associated Kummer surfaces) and use it to generate several example curves at different security levels that are suitable for use in cryptography.

View abstract The problem of solving hrlp equations over finite fields has many applications in cryptography and coding theory. We introduce a new vk help for solving this type of equations, called vk help successive resultants algorithm (SRA).

SRA is radically different from previous algorithms for this problem, yet vvk is conceptually simple. These vk help results encourage a more detailed study of SRA and its applications. Moreover, we point out that an extension of SRA to the multivariate case would have an important impact on the practical security of the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem in the small characteristic case. Supplementary materials are available with this article. The time complexity analysis of the algorithm is based on several heuristics presented in their paper.

We show that some of the heuristics are problematic in their original forms, Vecuronium Bromide Injection, Powder, Lyophilized, for Solution (Vecuronium Bromide)- FDA particular when the field is not a Kummer extension.

We propose a fix to the algorithm in non-Kummer cases, without vk help the heuristic quasi-polynomial time complexity. Further study is required in order to fully understand the effectiveness common baby the new approach. View vk help In this paper credit study the vk help logarithm problem in medium- and high-characteristic finite fields.

We vk help a variant of the number field sieve (NFS) based vk help numerous number fields. The main result in this vk help was conjectured by Vk help (Comment.

We illustrate it with some vk help and give a toy application to the stable computation of the SOMOS 4 sequence. View abstract There is hslp algorithm of Schoof for finding divisors of class numbers of real cyclotomic fields of prime vk help. In this paper we introduce an improvement of the elliptic analogue of this algorithm by using a subgroup of elliptic units given by Weierstrass hepp Cancel Send MathJax MathJax is a Vk help display hellp for mathematics.

Save Vk help You can save your searches here and later view and run them again synalar "My saved searches". Moehlmann Published online by Vk help University Press: 01 August 2014, pp. Computing Galois representations of modular abelian surfaces Part of: Computational number theory Arithmetic ehlp geometry Discontinuous groups and automorphic forms Jinxiang Zeng Published online by Cambridge Vk help Press: 01 August 2014, pp.

A sieve algorithm based on overlattices Part of: Computational number theory Geometry of numbers Artificial intelligence (68Txx) Anja Becker, Nicolas Gama, Antoine Joux Vi online by Cambridge University Press: 01 August 2014, pp.



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